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Welcome to my website.  

On this site you'll find information about all my books. There are extracts, reviews and notes for readers' groups, as well as a few essay-type pieces and biographical information. Just click on the book titles on the left to explore.

[ A recent newspaper report - written in good faith but based on misleading information given to the writer - linked me with an author-run site whose aim is to bypass publishers and booksellers.  I have nothing to do with "Wuthering Ink"  and I disagree vigorously with its founders' attitude to those other booklovers in our shared literary ecosystem.  Against increasing difficulties in the digital age, booksellers continue to support authors - especially Australian ones - in every way they can.  I have nothing but respect and praise for my publishers.  I was horrified to be linked with that site. In response to the piece, I sent this email to Australia's booksellers and would like all my readers to know how much I disagree with Wuthering Ink's attitude:

"You might have seen Susan Wyndham's last column, where she reported on Sue Woolfe's description of the author-run site "Wuthering Ink". Sue Woolfe is quoted as counting me among the authors on that site who want to bypass booksellers and publishers. I was taken aback and distressed at this.   It's the absolute opposite of what I feel.  I'm immensely grateful to booksellers and publishers, who've always been so supportive of me (and other writers) - we all benefit from your genuine love of books, your generosity, your skill and your dedication to the business of bringing books and readers together. I'd like you to know that I'm not associated with Wuthering Ink in any way. My backlist is not for sale on that site. Most of all, I'd like you to know how deeply I value all that you do for books, and for authors too."] 


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For all event/media enquiries please contact:

Jane Novak, Publicity Manager, Text Publishing

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(PS   Since Sarah Thornhill was published, many of you have written to me via my agent on this site - so many that I'm overwhelmed and not always able to answer all of your emails individually. I'm very sorry about this as I very much appreciate responses from readers and in the past I've always replied to each one. I'm touched by so much interest in my books, and value the fact that you've taken the time and trouble to contact me.  If I'm not able to reply, I apologise. A  writer's life  can be solitary, and it's wonderful to hear from readers and know that my work is speaking to others. Thank you all!

 Cover lines: I get a lot of requests to do endorsements for books - I've made it a policy not to do them.)